Ever been hungry enough to eat the north end of a southbound polecat?  Keep SOPAKCO MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) on hand and be ready for the next emergency or power outage, HEATER is INCLUDED, so all you need is 1-2 T. of plain water. Convenient for outdoor enthusiasts – backpacking – camping – hunter camps – preppers.  Sold by the case or singles, this S.C. based company has been the largest supplier of MREs to the U.S. military for more than 30 years. EASY to heat w/ included heater – simply cut open the top of the heater leak-proof poly bag – place MRE inside the heater bag – add 1-2 T. plain water to “fill line” (water starts heat process) and fold the open end of the bag . In as little as 3 minutes to 12 minutes enjoy a hot meal anytime, anyplace!